Railingwala is the recognized authority on providing the highest quality Glass Canopy, replacement windows; glass shower doors aluminum windows & glass railings and addition to those types of installations, we are also known for the construction of superior and durable glass canopy designs in metropolitan Mumbai and the entire New Mumbai & Thane area.

Structural Glass Canopy Design

Our designs are perfect solutions for providing cover during inclement weather. They are also easy to maintain, clean and add the ability to better utilize the outside space of your building. Our outside constructions are particularly popular with architects, schools and building contractors. They’re perfect for business areas and specialties, such as Education, Leisure and Retail. There are several varieties to choose from and our expert installers will go over them with you should you not already have a particular type to choose from. For example; an Entrance Covering can add a prominent focal point to a building. The frames may be constructed from aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel or galvanized materials with a laminated safety roof that will be durable and attractive. The design will be adapted to your particular requirements which will ensure that you have an entrance covering that is not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing while meeting a budget that your business will be comfortable with.

Canopy Installation Options:

Railingwala will improve your building functionality by featuring a sheltered area. This area can then be used for a host of applications that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. We can construct this type of building addition from different frame options and a laminated safety roof. Our structural engineers will meet with you in order to help you decide on the best materials for your particular application. We have a wide range of standard covering designs however our spectrum of choices is limitless. This allows us to create an addition from the highest rated materials that will exquisitely compliment your building and the surrounding property. When you wish to discuss the perfect covering choice for your business needs, we’ll be ready to sit down with you and go over the many material and design options that we make available. Call us for an appointment and our designers and engineers will meet with you at your convenience. Then you will be able to see why we’re the company of choice for overhead building additions in metropolitan Mumbai; Navi Mumbai & Thane.